Sgt. York Annual Memorial Shoot

Sgt. Alvin C. York, one of his great loves was the shooting match. During Sgt. York's time people came from all over the valley to particpate in the shooting match's. I think the Sgt. would say a big "Thanks" to all the folks that come from all over the country to make the annual Sgt. York Memorial Shoot a tremendous success.

One of the many things I've always heard about the Sgt. and his wonderful wife, Miss Gracie, is that you were always welcome at the Sgt.'s home. Miss Gracie always set a big table. Your also always welcome to the "Valley of the 3 Forks of the Wolf."

2002 Memorial Shoot

Shooter's Row

  • Members of Arkansas Muzzleloaders Association
  • Arkansas Muzzleloaders Between Shots...Swapping Tales!
  • Members of York Family Preparing Too Shoot
  • Johnny York
  • York Family..L-R Wayne Emberson,Ronnie York,Jim York,Johnny York,Charlie Hostetler
  • Gr-Great Grandsons of Sgt. Alvin C. York..L-David Knowles..R-Zachary Kissick
  • David Todd, Burrville Tn. 1860-1880 Dress
  • Thomas York...Shooter's Row
  • Jim Tatman with Rifle
  • Rifle "Over the Log"
  • Shooter's Row
  • Loading Routine
  • Stephan Ellison of Kentucky
  • Kentucky Boys..L-R Allen Bass,Don Bowman,Dewey Parmley,Frogge Frank,Sam Koger
  • Don Bowman in Attire of the Era
  • Local Boys Discussing Events of the Day
  • Betty and Kenneth York dipping in the beanpot!
  • Betty York,Ronnie York,Shawn Rich,Kenny York
  • Diamond Davis...Relaxing at the Shoot
  • Mountain Men...Leonard Anderson,Lester Gooding,Roger Hoover
  • Spectators..Clint and Tina Slaven and son Gavin
  • Leonard and Libby Anderson
  • Alvin York's Sons, Andy and Edd York

    A special thanks to all the participants in the Sgt. York Annual Memorial Shoot and to all the participants for helping to keep the Sgt. York legacy alive. Also a special thanks too Paul and Sandy Swanson for their dedication and hard work too keep the memory of Sgt. York alive and well. The following newsclip was run on March 23 and 24, 2002 on WDEB Radio concerning the event. (Use MP3 Player)

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