The following photograph was submitted to me from Pete and Joyce Tipton of Allardt Tn. This is a "Turkey Shoot" with Sgt. York taken in 1928 in Pall Mall Tennessee near Sgt. York's home. It appears the Sgt. had a good shoot!

The identities of the men in the picture is,front row Clay Conatser,Dr. J.P.Sloan,Toe Potter, and Hendricks Cravens. 2nd Row,Jr. Sodders,Albert Taylor,Webb Hatfield,Ike Hatfield,William Hatfield, Sgt. Alvin C. York,Albert York,and Gus Delk. The small boy is Ernest Criswell.**Also in the picture but unable to scan were John Sodders,Oliver Delk,and John Conatser**

Left to right:Chesterlyne Looper Seesock,Bunch Cravens,Doyle Jones,Neva Garrett,Bernice Mullinix Tate, Albert Walker,Mrs. Kelly Brooks,And Gaskel Warren.

This picture was made of Sgt. Alvin C. York on Dec. 7th 1941, the day the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor in Hawaii. This photo and information was submitted by Doyle Jones of Jamestown Tn. Doyle writes " I was in a local cafe on this Sunday evening Dec. 7th 1941. Claude Reagan came into the cafe and said he had just heard by radio that Japan had bombed Pearl Harbor.

Later that evening I went to York Institute where Sgt. York was making a live broadcast from the York Institute auditorium called Tennessee Americans over radio station WNOX in Knoxville Tn. Kelly Brooks quartet which included his wife Rose, Albert Walker and Gaskel Warren. Gladys Franklin played the piano."This information as remembered by Doyle Jones of Jamestown Tn.

Dec. 7th, 1941 A date that would live in infamy!

This is a copy of a Sgt. York bill the Sgt. gave to visitors. This was given to Doyle Jones by Sgt. York Jan. 2, 1955. Thanks Doyle for the memories and the photos.

This is a photo of Sgt York in 1919, on his way home from the War. This photo was taken in New York. Photo submitted by Mrs. Jewelene Hinds.

Sgt. Alvin C. York and his trusted rifle! Photo submitted by Jewelene Hinds.

Truman and Jewelene Hinds who have provided me with many of these pictures. Jewelene is Sgt. York's niece. Thanks so much!


William York and Mary Brooks York
Sgt. Alvin C. York's Father and Mother.

Alvin C. York & Sons Store
Alvin C. York appro. 1953
Conrad Pile Home
Conrad Pile was the great-great grandfather of Sgt. Alvin C. York and ancestor of the Piles family of Fentress County.

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